Infrastructure as Code with less code, less time, and less complexity

Tuono delivers everything you need to operationalize and scale your cloud automation


Start Fast

Define and maintain your cloud infrastructure using simplified, human-readable Tuono Blueprints. Deploy today with the Tuono SaaS portal.

  • 50%-80% less code to write
  • Code with terms you already know
  • Nothing to download, install or upgrade ever

One Blueprint, Any Cloud

Define a single Blueprint and deploy it on any cloud. Ensure you get the outcome you expect with integrated management features.

  • Version Blueprints automatically
  • Preview changes before you commit
  • Rollback changes instantly

Enterprise Class Governance

Operationalize and scale your cloud automation with Tuono’s integrated governance and controls. Store and access secrets securely from any cloud. Update and manage your environments with ease using Tuono declarative Blueprints.

  • Secret management
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Drift management

I’m a true believer in the reality that the easier something is, the more engineering effort and careful consideration went into it to get it that way. Tuono is making cloud infrastructure automation look downright simple.

Scott Lowe // ActualTech Media

See the Tuono platform

in action

Watch us deploy a new virtual network, create a couple subnets, create the security policies, and build a few virtual machines in minutes.

See the Tuono platform

Everything you need to scale & operationalize

Secret Management

Secure and track secrets such as passwords, SSH keys, and certificates

Role-Based Access Control

Manage user and team permissions to Blueprints and environments

Drift Management

Keep your running environments in sync with your Blueprints

Versioning & Rollback

Protect your operation with Blueprint versioning and environment rollback

Audit Logging

Capture and record changes to environments and Blueprints by user

Resource Locking

Safeguard your environments from conflicting user changes

4 Steps to Cloud

1. Identify your public cloud providers
  • Enter your cloud credentials into the Secret Manager.
2. Define your infrastructure
  • Create your Blueprint using terms you already know
3. Create your Environment
  • Attach your Blueprint and cloud credentials
4. Apply your Environment
  • Watch Tuono transform and build your infrastructure using native cloud APIs

Tuono cloud automation platform architectural diagram

Learn more about the Tuono platform and API


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