Hands-on Labs are here!

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a unique year. In the IT industry, in-person conferences and events have all been cancelled. This means that we have to find new ways to try out technology or learn something new. Luckily, we live in a “cloudy” world. Why should you have to go to the event to do a hands-on lab? Now, you don’t have to…

Our first “virtual” hands-on lab, Build & Automate Infrastructure in Azure, rolled out this week. Feel free to check it out here. Just like a traditional hands-on lab, it has all the details you need to successfully complete the project in a single session. The lab covers deploying and managing a web server in AWS or Azure. We cover using Infrastructure as Code to automate deployment / provisioning, managing drift, and ongoing changes to your cloud environment. When you finish the lab, you will have a basic framework in place to make changes and manage any type of infrastructure you want. 

The security module covers what you need to build a secure environment:

All the code is provided right in the lab to walk through building out the network:

Use what you have learned to build live infrastructure in AWS or Azure:

Future Hands-on Lab Topics

We celebrated the launch this week by hosting a live workshop with Darryl and Scott to do a walkthrough of the lab with end users. Thank you to everyone who participated and offered feedback! I hope the session was valuable and we look forward to offering more topics in the future. We’re planning upcoming labs for automating and managing load balancers, deploying Docker in the cloud, and advanced Tuono concepts (variables, secrets, presets, etc.).

If you are interested in other topics, please send me a message on LinkedIn or Twitter. Let me know what you would like to see so Darryl and Scott can start the hard work of putting the content together.

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