Founding Tuono – My story

I despise inefficiency. I like to think of it as a passion, but others have suggested it’s more of a disorder. I am always trying to figure out the most efficient solution, whether it’s the order of stops for Saturday morning errands or how to pack items into the freezer. Over the years, I have learned that my affliction is not unique. There are many engineers out there who have spent an hour writing code to avoid 15 minutes of copy and paste. It is about efficiency, but also having the proper solution. This passion is what energizes me to simplify problems in IT. 

Why start a company to address cloud complexity? Let me take a step back and compare virtualization to public cloud in order to answer that question. In 2011, it was generally accepted that the virtualization market was mature. However, it still required an expert in storage management, SAN configuration (remember zoning?), networking, and vSphere to setup a VM. These skills were in extremely high demand. Companies with successful virtualization deployments at scale were utilizing their best IT talent. Virtualization was limited by complexity.

When hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) companies such as Nutanix, Scale Computing, SimpliVity, and VMware entered the market in 2011/2012 each had a different story, but we were all attempting to solve a common problem. We were removing the complexity from traditional virtualization environments. We were enabling more companies and more engineers to embrace virtualization and the business benefits that came with it. HCI has become a multi-billion dollar industry and a core part of IT infrastructure for many companies.

What does that have to do with Tuono? I believe that public cloud in 2020 is very similar to virtualization in 2011. Cloud adoption is limited in many companies by complexity. Companies are utilizing their most senior technical experts to deploy and manage public cloud. There are tens of thousands of open job requisitions for software engineers in the IT infrastructure space and 86% of companies report that cloud projects in 2020 will be slowed by a shortage of technical experts. (1) Public cloud adoption is not mature. It is emerging from infancy. We founded Tuono to simplify the automation and management of public cloud infrastructure.

Businesses always want to go faster, and the public cloud offers the promise of speed.  Infrastructure automation is essential to harness the speed of public cloud to deliver operational velocity. Unfortunately, infrastructure automation is still highly complex. Tuono has developed an Infrastructure as Code platform that requires less code, less time, and less complexity. Check out the second half of this blog series where I dig into how Tuono helps you declare your infrastructure once and run it anywhere.

(1) Feb 13, 2020 – Wakefield Research and Logicworks –

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