Project Spotlight: Integrating Tuono into your GitLab CI/CD pipeline

Focusing on customer value not infrastructure

I love speaking with customers and learning what problems they are solving with our technology. I learn a ton from their cases and any pitfalls or road blocks they encounter on their way to using the cloud. The path to understanding, deploying and utilizing cloud infrastructure is oftentimes not the final destination of the project. Rob engaged us with a use case that follows a familiar pattern. He wanted the ability to quickly start developing based on an idea or inspiration but continually found himself being hampered by getting a development environment setup each time.

Tuono fast tracks the cloud buildout

Rob’s project DevCon1 was nearing the finish when we reviewed his requirements in a discovery session. We provided him with options utilizing the Tuono platform to get him across the line of provisioning cloud infrastructure. DevCon1 is an open-source project that allows a quick delivery of a containerized development environment in the free tier of the cloud. He was at the phase of navigating the labyrinth of cloud vendor and Terraform terminology.

After a working session with Rob we were able to quickly provide him with a natural language blueprint that demonstrated the ability to deploy and connect to his customized development container. At the end of our session this infrastructure was all deployed in Rob’s cloud sandbox environment with Tuono CE edition as a PoC.

Automate the Automation

While using the Tuono portal is a simple method for provisioning and maintaining infrastructure the goal was to integrate the PoC into a GitLab CI/CD pipeline that Rob developed. Tuono can be managed by our API and with a few quick Python examples we enabled Rob to tie it all together and deploy his development environment right from GitLab pipelines with a push of a button. Now when ideas strike there is a clear path to a simple and consistent development environment.

You can see Rob’s detailed Medium post and he looks forward to your ideas and contributions to DevCon1!

Deploy your first environment