Tuono Concepts Overview - Blueprints, versioning, and variables

Tuono Concepts Overview – Blueprints, Versioning, and Variables

By Scott Harrison | September 28, 2020

This article provides an introduction to Tuono Blueprints. It covers Blueprints, variables, and versioning and how they fit in a cloud automation ecosystem.

Azure Cloud Automation Series - Part 2

Azure Cloud Automation Quickstart – Network Security Group

By Darryl Diosomito | September 23, 2020

The second blog in our ‘Azure Cloud Automation Quickstart – Build a Web Server’ series provides instructions on how to configure a network security group.

How to create a Azure Resource Group, Virtual Network, and Subnet

Azure Cloud Automation Quickstart – Resource Group, Virtual Network, and Subnet

By Darryl Diosomito | September 23, 2020

The first blog in our ‘Azure Cloud Automation Quickstart – Build a Web Server’ series provides instructions on how to configure the resource group, virtual network, and subnet.

SSH Key Pairs | Tuono Blog

Why You Should Be Using SSH Key Pairs

By Scott Harrison | September 17, 2020

Public Key Authentication is a robust security framework that can be used by the SSH protocol to support both interactive (user) and automatic (programmatic) access to virtual machines. It is essential when enabling programmatic access to the components that comprise an application, e.g. the traditional client-server relationship.

Annoucing Tuono Community Edition Infrastructure as Code Saas Automation Platform

Announcing the Release of Tuono Community Edition!

By Randy Boutin | September 14, 2020

We are excited to announce the release of Tuono Community Edition – a full-featured version of our Infrastructure as Code automation platform. Tuono Community Edition enables you and your team to quickly create, deploy, and manage your IaaS infrastructure in AWS or Azure for free.

Make complex cloud automation simple with Tuono

Overcome the Complexity of Cloud Automation

By Brooks Maitland | July 8, 2020

Running your infrastructure in the public cloud has the potential to improve the speed and agility of your IT Operations. Cloud automation is the key to realizing this potential. For many, however, the complexity of operationalizing and scaling cloud automation is slowing or stalling adoption.

Casual photo of Tuono team member Mike Stack wearing a Mets jersey, Mets hat, and holding a bass guitar

Untested code is broken code

By Mike Stack | June 22, 2020

The other day, I sat in on a demo Jesse St. Laurent was giving. The customer had a question about whether a feature worked in a specific scenario. Since it turns out that I wrote the feature, Jesse decided to defer to me. My answer was something to the effect of, “I’m 99% certain it works, but we’ll need to test it to be sure.”  

Tuono team lunch in Jesse St Laurent's side car

Stack cooks quarantine Team lunches!

By Jesse StLaurent | June 9, 2020

We have developed a tradition of monthly engineering team lunches at Tuono. The best part is that we have convinced Mike Stack to cook for us. Mike is a fantastic cook and he loves to cook for a group. So, we like to think of it as a win-win. Mike gets to cook, and we get to eat.

Tuono CTO Jesse St Laurent pouring French press coffee in the kitchen

Zero to cloud faster than a cup of coffee

By Jesse StLaurent | June 1, 2020

In this demo video, I log into a brand new Tuono account, just as a customer does. I deploy infrastructure to AWS and Azure from a single cloud agnostic blueprint in less than 10 minutes. To keep it interesting, I race against myself creating a cup of French press coffee.

Tuono's early days with Randy Boutin, Jim King, and Mike Healey

A Look Inside Our Core Values at Tuono

By Randy Boutin | May 27, 2020

This is a look inside the core values that shape Tuono and influence the decisions we make every day. We believe these values best represent who we are and what we aspire to be as a company.