Overcome the Complexity of Cloud Automation

Running your infrastructure in the public cloud has the potential to improve the speed and agility of your IT Operations. Cloud automation is the key to realizing this potential.  For many, however, the complexity of operationalizing and scaling cloud automation is slowing or stalling adoption.  At Tuono, we’re looking to change that by offering a fully-integrated cloud automation solution that eliminates the complexity and empowers your team to succeed.

Accelerate your business with automation

Today, hosting your infrastructure in the public cloud offers many powerful benefits which can help IT Operations better support the business. Public clouds are highly available, on-demand, and extremely elastic and scalable. All of this helps increase operational speed, productivity, and agility to give the company a real competitive edge. 

Yet it’s critical to move beyond standard approaches and operating procedures related to manually provision and manage IT infrastructure. Automation is the key to unlocking the potential business value, for a few different reasons:

  • Automation enables the consistent and predictable creation of on-demand cloud infrastructure to deliver just-in-time resources.
  • Automation enables the efficient removal of running cloud infrastructure at the end of its useful life, reducing cloud costs.
  • Automation APIs can be integrated with other DevOps pipelines (e.g. CI/CD) to further simplify operations.

Most infrastructure automation efforts are too complex

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately there is still a major challenge related to most cloud infrastructure automation solutions – Too much complexity.

This complexity places a huge burden on IT Operations and DevOps teams. In addition to knowing what infrastructure result they need, they must now become experts in the how, or all the steps required to make their objective a reality.

The how is where the complexity can become overwhelming. For example, developers must now:

  • Learn each cloud vendor’s IaaS objects
  • Learn each cloud vendor’s automation modules
  • Become knowledgeable of the cloud vendor’s API
  • Become proficient in the selected cloud automation framework.
  • Use all of this knowledge and apply software development skills and methodologies to create the right cloud infrastructure that will (hopefully) deliver their vision of what they needed.

Eliminate cloud infrastructure complexity

There is some good news: Infrastructure automation doesn’t have to be this complicated.

Tuono removes this burden by completely delivering the how for you. IT Operations teams only need to focus on what infrastructure they want and Tuono delivers a functionally equivalent infrastructure in the cloud they choose.

This delivers a wide range of benefits:

  • Define once, deploy anywhere:  Tuono uses human-readable Blueprints that result in 50-80% less code. The same Blueprint, without modification, can also be used to deploy and manage infrastructure in either AWS, or Azure.
  • Turn-key solution: Tuono has integrated all of the services needed to operationalize and scale. Secret Management, role-based access control, versioning…all built-in.
  • Turn-key SaaS: Tuono is offered as a service, which means there’s nothing to download, install, or upgrade. Get early access to our free Community Edition and build your infrastructure in minutes.
  • One API, any cloud: Tuono maintains an extensive API that can be used to integrate with existing workflows or to build or execute complete environments.

All of this helps deliver the operational velocity and agility today’s IT and DevOps teams require—with less time, less code, and less overall complexity.

To learn more about Tuono, watch our product demo.

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