Announcing the Release of Tuono Community Edition!

We are excited to announce the availability of Tuono Community Edition, a full-featured version of our Infrastructure as Code automation platform that we’re making available for free. Community Edition is a great way to experience the platform risk-free and see for yourself how quickly and easily you and your team can automate your IaaS environments in AWS or Azure.

Infrastructure automation is critical for speed and agility

Automating your IaaS environment is a must-have capability when operating in the public cloud. With it, IT and DevOps teams can quickly respond to the changing needs and demands of the business. It lets you create and modify cloud resources in a fraction of the time that manual configuration requires and provides a level of predictability and consistency that manual processes just can’t match.

So, if the benefits of automating your infrastructure are so great, why isn’t everyone using it at scale?  The problem is complexity.  Until now, implementing infrastructure automation placed all of the complexity on you – forcing you to learn each cloud API, infrastructure object model, automation modules, and to write a lot of code. All of the unnecessary complexity resulted in delayed projects, misconfigured environments and expensive consultants.

Automating your infrastructure shouldn’t be so hard

We believe that automating your infrastructure shouldn’t be so hard. That’s why we founded Tuono, to eliminate the burden of complexity on you and your team by executing all of the cloud operations for you. You simply define your desired environment using traditional IT terms (e.g. networks, subnets, VMs) – terms you already know. We take care of the rest, delivering the environment you define in the cloud you choose. Automation should be in service to you, not the other way around.

Tuono isn’t just an automation framework – it’s a complete platform. We fully understand that in order for any technology to work for a team it must be supported with the features that enable you to operationalize and scale it within your business. That’s why we’ve included features like secret management, versioning, and role-based access control directly into the platform. Our goal is to provide you and your team with everything needed to achieve your cloud automation objectives. 

The release of Community Edition allows us to openly share the value of Tuono. It provides the opportunity for you to use the platform and experience the difference it makes for you and your team in practice. For us, it’s a natural next step that aligns directly with our company’s values. We want to put the product in your hands and hear your feedback. Our roadmap and direction are formed entirely from user feedback and their operational priorities. Please let us know what you think!

So, go ahead and try Community Edition today. See for yourself how Tuono reduces the time, code, and complexity of creating and managing your cloud infrastructure.

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