A Look Inside Our Core Values at Tuono

We thought hard about the kind of culture we wanted for the company when we started Tuono almost two years ago. After enough years in the IT industry (probably too many—let’s just say time flies), we’ve witnessed firsthand the vital, long-term impact that culture has on teams, companies, and customers. Culture forms whether you intentionally create it or not. We want it to be intentional.

In the early days with Randy Boutin, Jim King, and Mike Healey

A company’s culture begins with its core values. They influence the choices that we make each day and the allocation of precious time and resources. So, we started there, by defining the core values that best represent who we are and what we aspire to be as a company. I think it’s valuable to share a couple of our core values with you and how they guide us.

The first core value came quickly to us, and that is focus and commitment to the customer. To us this means measuring our own success by our customers’ success. It means engaging with customers early and often throughout our product development cycle and staying connected to ensure their success in production and beyond. Ultimately, it’s about earning trust and helping our customers achieve their goals.

Andre Yanni, Jesse St Laurent, and Randy Boutin planning for the future

Being open and transparent is equally important to us as a core value. This means sharing information and knowledge freely as it becomes available and allowing our customers and partners to take the journey with us, knowing what we know, and make the most of our technology. This value also provides a solid foundation upon which we can build trusted and lasting relationships with all of our customers.

Mike Healey, Jim King, and Jesse St Laurent in the midst of product planning

Our upcoming release is a good example of these core values at work. It has been in and out of the hands of our beta customers for over a year. We prioritized feature development based on customers’ feedback and their view of the most important use cases. We also expanded our communication efforts with these customers using dedicated Slack channels. This connected them directly to our engineering teams for real-time discussions. We’ll continue to provide broad access to information by publicly posting our product and API documentation and hosting a community for product feedback and enhancement ideas after our official launch. Our commitment to customers and product transparency are two foundational values that forge our culture at Tuono. We believe these values will drive and guide us to better meet the needs of our customers. This is the company we’re building. Request early access and give us your input!

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